Smarter Alarm for Android

Like many, I use my phone as an alarm clock to wake up every morning. After hearing the annoying beep-bloop-beep of my alarm, the first thing I do is grab my phone and read from it information most important to me: Stock prices, weather, appointments, sports scores, and the news. Eyes half-opened and blurred vision, this is not a pleasant experience on a 3.7" inch screen. 

That's when I decided to write Smarter Alarm, an application that will read to me all the information I want in the morning when I wake up. During the night while I'm asleep, Smarter Alarm scours the web for information that I'm interested in and when it's time for me to wake me up, it reads me what I need to know. 

Here's what it sounds like: 

You can bet that if there is a feed or API for something, Smarter Alarm can read it to you. For now, Smarter Alarm can do the following list, but more feeds will come in future updates: 

- Local weather: Current and forecasted

- Stock prices: Major indexes and your own custom portfolio

- Top news headlines: World, US, UK, business, science/tech, health, sports, entertainment, and your own custom search topics

- Sports scores: NBA only for now

- Today's birthdays among your Facebook friends: Requires you to grant Facebook API access

- Today's Facebook events

- Your own custom RSS feeds

I have tons more features and feeds planned, but you can get a free early version of the app now on the Android Market! 


Almost forgot one last thing: I entered the app in Verizon's Power Your App Contest. If you're a developer, please vote for Smarter Alarm!