Smarter Alarm Video

Here's a short video I whipped up for my Alarm clock app, Smarter Alarm. There have been a lot of features added since this video was made (such as reading your latest Gmail messages), but hopefully you'll get an idea of what Smarter Alarm is capable of. In case you are curious, the sexy TTS voice that I'm using is from SVOX, and her name is Victoria.

One last thing: If you haven't voted already, please vote for Smarter Alarm in Verizon's Power your App contest. If you have a Droid Incredible, Galaxy Tab, or LG Vortex, you can vote by opening up the VCAST App store and downloading/rating the app. Incidentally, while the contest is still on, you can get the full version of the app for FREE through the VCAST store (until tomorrow only).