Save your your "Draw Something" drawings by taking screenshots on Android

One of my favorite mobile games right now is "Draw Something", a modern spin on the classic Pictionary. 

Recently, many people have started asking me how to save their favorite drawings in this game. The best way is to take screenshots on your phone. Here's how to do it: 

1) Download the app, "No Root Screenshot It" from Google Play. If your phone is rooted, get "Screenshot It" instead. If you don't know what rooted means, get the first app.

2) Once you install and setup the app, start the "No Root Screenshot It" app and then hit the "Overlay screenshot button". This will put a little Android icon on the screen of your phone


3) Start playing "Draw Something". When you see a drawing that you want to save, hit the Android button on your screen. A screenshot will be saved!


4) You can save your drawing to your gallery or share it via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Pro tip: If your phone happens to have a search button on it, you can hold down the search button to take a screenshot anywhere.

It's really that simple to save your favorite memories in Draw Something. 

Here's a video of it in action: 

3 responses
How about the drawings that I already did before and I haven't took screenshots of it. Is it possible to access all the drawings I made in their database? or do they have this feature in the paid version? O_O
Unfortunately, your previous drawings in Draw Something is not able to be saved. As far as I know, the app does not save any of your drawing (which is why you need to take a screenshot of it to save it on your own)
my email is "" i just want to know how can i learn your app "No Root Screenshot It" thanks