Please vote in Verizon's Power Your App contest!

Great news!

All 3 of my submissions to Verizon's app contest made it to the semi-final round! I've worked pretty hard on these apps, and I'd really appreciate if you can vote for me at You have to sign-in, but I could *REALLY* use your votes. Thanks for your votes!

Here are my apps and a short description of what they do

Smarter Alarm is a better way to wake up every morning. Instead of hearing an annoying alarm, you.ll wake up to the soothing voice of a robotic British woman who will read personalized information to you. Would you like to know if you'll need to dress warmly today? How about the score to last night's football game? Smarter Alarm will read information that's important to you, such as weather, sports scores, stock prices, and the morning's headline news.
Audio Photo works just like your normal camera, but it records audio a few seconds before and after the photo is taken. It adds another dimension to your photos by adding ambient sound to your photos. You can view/hear your audio photos on your phone or send them to others via email, facebook, and more. When you share your audio photos, they get sent as a single-framed video file with sound.
Save your location when you park, and Car Locator will navigate you back. Annotate your location with notes and photos. You'll be navigated back to your car using radar, map, or split views. A parking timer even alerts you when you've been parked for too long and are in danger of getting a ticket. Save and retrieve multiple locations, and even send your location to another phone.