My "Last Call for Google I/O" Contest App - Barfing countdown clock game

This year, Google I/O tickets sold out in less than an hour. For us developers who were unable to get a ticket in time, Google is currently holding a series of contests to give away 100 of the much-coveted tickets.

Yesterday was the first day of the competion, where 10 Google I/O tickets were being given out to developers able complete the following challenge: 

"Make an Android app to get developers jazzed for I/O by filling the screen with the bouncing-balls countdown clock on the front of the Google I/O 2011 site. It has to be an APK, and no fair using WebView. We'll give preference to smaller APKs over larger ones; show us how to do a lot with a little. Extra credit for bouncing bugdroids or other creative flourishes!"

I thought this was a fun challenge, as it reminded me of the good ol' days of CS classes in college where we had to be sure to complete the basic requirements, but were given the liberty to add little fourishes and embellishments for extra credit. 

I decided to have a little fun with it: In addition to a countdown clock that barfs balls each second, I incorporated the orientation sensor so that the user can tilt the phone to control where the balls bounce. Finally, I turned the app into a game where you get points for manuevering the bouncing balls into the mouth of BugDroid. 

If you'd like to check out my submission, download the APK here.

There are still 9 days of contests left, which means 90 tickets are still up for grabs! Learn more about the contest here: