Copy Text Anywhere on Android -- Root Not Necessary

I love Android, but copying text is one feature I've always found lacking. With the removal of the track ball on most newer Android devices, selecting text to be copied has gotten even more frustrating. 

"Copy Text" is a new Android application that lets you copy text of ANYTHING on your phone. I can try to explain in words, but I think a video will do it more justice: 

As you can see from the video, you can literally copy anything into your clipboard. If the text is visible on your screen, its able to be copied into your clipboard. You can even copy images of text into your clipboard and "Copy Text" is smart enough to extract the text from the image. 

The best part about this? It does not require you to root your phone. There is a one-time setup process you need to go through that involves connecting your phone to your computer, but there are easy-to-follow instructions that come with the app to walk you through the process. Essentially, "Copy Text" is a non-root version of a similar app I released called "Copy Paste It". If you have a rooted phone, you should still get the "Copy Paste It" app, as it does not require you to go through the setup process that "Copy Text" does. 

Get the app on the Android Market