The phenomenal growth of Android has been a boon for most Android developers -- Android devices are everywhere, from phones to tablets to TVs, from many different manufacturers and carriers, and with many options for customization. But it’s also had the side-effect of making it more difficult to find out if your apps work on most, if not all these devices. There are more than 400 Android devices out there, each unique in their own way, and trying to get your hands on the actual device to test on is sometimes inconvenient. Many times, a user will report that the app doesn’t work on his/her phone, but the developer is helpless to fix it if he/she doesn’t have that phone readily available. I’ll be the first to admit walking into a Verizon store, telling the sales rep I just want to have a look around, when I’m really trying to debug my app on a display phone.

Today, I’m happy to announce something that will help make testing and debugging better for Android developers: lets you rent from an array of Android devices and access them right from your browser. The device’s screen is transmitted to your browser and any touch or keyboard events are transmitted to the device from your keyboard and mouse. You’ll get instant access to any available device without the hassle of buying and maintaining it. No software or plugins to download. No expensive monthly fees. Just use your browser and only pay for what you use. 

Now go fix all those device-specific bugs!